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Truly a birders paradise, the Caprivi is home to over 400 wetland and woodland bird species.

Regular visitors to our garden, to name just a few, are the endemic and rare Schalow’s Turaco, White-backed Night Heron, African Finfoot, Yellow-throated Leaflove (first recorded in our garden for the Southern African subregion), Pel's Fishing Owl, Collared Sunbird, Wood Owl, Marsh Owl and Tropical Boubou.

In close proximity to our lodge you can view the Rock Pratincoles, African Skimmers and maybe catch a glimpse of Hippo Island's resident Pel’s Fishing Owl if it's visiting our lodge.

Other specials in the area include the Slaty Egret, Coppery-tailed Coucal, Copper Sunbird, Rosy Throated Longclaw and African Hobby.

Great flocks of Carmine Bee-eaters also frequent the area during their breeding season from September to October, their nesting sites an incredible sight to see.